Volunteers provide extra help in the planning of your event, or on the day (e.g. ushers, registration desk or wardrobe volunteers). It’s good to have some extra runners on call, that you can send to get last minute things done for you.


Brief your volunteers, so they know what they need to do on the day. Consider how you will motivate your volunteers. Who will manage them and answer their questions on the day?



  • Think about the various roles/ tasks you need volunteers to do

  • Start recruiting for volunteers early enough to be able to schedule a volunteer briefing meeting before the event

  • When recruiting for volunteers, be clear about what roles are available, how much time they will spend and if this role requires specific skills or equipment

  • At the volunteer briefing meeting, give them a short run down of the event, iterate the roles they have to play and answer any questions they might have

  • It might be helpful to collate a briefing sheet detailing proceedings for the day, questions guests might ask them (eg. where the toilets are…), and questions that volunteers might be asking themselves on the day

  • On the day, make sure you water and feed your volunteers

  • Lastly, make sure you thank your volunteers for their support and gather feedback from them about your event. 360 feedback will help you gage how well your event went and any leadership development takeaways.

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