Booking space on campus

To book a space on campus, please read the guidance below:

  • For smaller events, please fill in this Crib Sheet providing details of the services you require.

  • Once you have received your booking confirmation, you may find it useful to use this Event Checklist.

  • For Large Events requiring multiple services, please complete an Event Information Sheet.

  • You will also be sent an invitation to attend the Key Events Meeting two weeks before your event. Read more about this meeting below.


  • Appoint one person to liaise with Space Management.

  • Always assume that space will be occupied before and after your bookings. Provide Space Management with accurate times for the event and for any set-up/ clear-up time that is required.

  • When making your request have a realistic idea of expected guests. Be aware of the maximum capacities of each space booked, as you will have to cap your numbers accordingly.

  • When setting an event date consider other events that are taking place on campus. See Set the date.

  • Programme activity tends to take place between 08.15 and 18.45. Space Management will also be able to inform you about exams which can take place on the weekends.

  • Wait for written confirmation from Space Management before advertising your event. Last minute requests for space are likely to not be successful.

  • There are no catering facilities available at Sammy Ofer Centre.

  • Events may be subject to a cleaning charge when food and/or alcohol are served.  This will be determined via an independent assessment of the cleaning requirements by the Cleaning Manager prior to the event. The Cleaning team will update you on this fee in the 'Key Events Meeting'.


Useful links:

Sammy Ofer Centre & Space Management Forms


Registration Desk

The main area in the entrance to Ratcliffe Building as well as Sammy Ofer Centre can be used as registration spaces for events organised by current students at LBS. If you have external guests attending your event, you will need to organise a registration desk.

The guidelines to use the spaces:


  • We have only two spaces where registrations for events can take place at London Business School: Ratcliffe Building main entrance (opposite the sliding doors) and Sammy Ofer Centre main entrance (opposite the security gates).

  • First, you will have to book these spaces by emailing your request to

  • Once a confirmation email has been received that the space has been booked, you will need to log a job with to have a registration desk set-up by the Porters Team for the dates and times requested.

  • If you have external guests, please prepare name badges to hand out to them at the registration desk, you will also need to email as well as to register their attendance.

  • The registration desk must be manned by a member of the event organising committee. You will have to greet and register the guests/ hand out badges by yourself.

Space Management Meeting

For events that take place on campus, Space Management will invite you to a 'Key Events Meeting'. This meeting takes place 2 weeks before your event on a Thursday at 11.30am.


This meeting takes place to support you to put the finishing touches on your event. This is particularly useful if you are running a larger event requiring multiple campus services. A person of each department you are working with will be present to make sure your booking is in order. They also might take this opportunity to ask you questions about your event and  give you last minute advice.


Usually, your Venue or Event Lead and the President will be invited to this meeting. You will get an invitation to this meeting automatically, and we strongly recommend you to go.


Sourcing an external venue

Refer to a list of venues that other clubs have used over the years: 

LBS Events Venue Database


Additionally, you can also contact MH Forum Link. The company provides a free venue finding service. Be prepared to tell them:

  • Date of your event

  • Event capacity

  • Catering requirements

  • Timing of the event

  • Desired locations

  • Budget


Contact details

Name: Phil Jackson

Company: MH Forum Link


Phone: +44 (0)845 838 7432


Phil will be able to provide you with a shortlist or venues. Please do consult the Student-led Learning team before making a final decision, as we will have historical context and feedback on certain venues.



  • Making the space look beautiful and inviting

  • Having enough space for connections, conversations and coffee breaks

  • Noise - Try to block out background or outside noise, so that your audience isn’t distracted from the show

  • Pleasant/ Strategic lighting - Avoid fluorescent lights in the seating area. Make sure you light up the stage enough for speakers to see their text. For a powerpoint presentation, make sure the font size is readable and no light shines on the screen.

  • Get creative on your stage design - Bring some nice living room lamps or chairs to make the stage look a little more interesting. Avoid dark colours as the backdrop of your stage.

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