Set the date

There are a wealth of activities taking place at LBS all year round.
Ask yourself the following questions to narrow in on a date:


  • Has my club run a similar event last year? When was that?

  • Who do I want to invite from the student body? (I.e. different programmes are busy at different times.)

  • When are industry leaders holding their conferences? Would this work in our favour or to our detriment (e.g. having overseas speakers already in London or direct competition with professional conferences)?

  • Are there any big holidays on and around the date?

TOP TIP! The earlier you announce your date, the less likely other clubs will book dates on the same day!

Cross check with relevant calendars

Come up with a few dates that you cross check against the following calendars:

SA and Student led initiatives form(Set the Date form)

The SA and student led initiatives have a coordinated calendar. We will be able to tell you when large scale events happen at school, so you can avoid clashes. Fill in the form and they will get back to you on your proposed dates.

Space management ( management can help you determine what is already taking place on campus. This includes exams, other extra curricular or career centre activities.

LBS Strategic Events calendar 

The school hosts a number of strategic events each year for the community. The Strategic Events team collates a calendar with key events.

Programme Office calendars

Depending on which programmes you’re targeting as your audience, the dedicated Programme Office will have a calendar of key dates to bear in mind.

Career Centre calendar

The Career Centre organises many events over the course of the year to facilitate recruitment across industries and regions.


Once you have decided on a date, make sure you publicise it as soon as possible. Create a date holder event on Campus Groups and populate it with more information later.

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