Running your club


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Club elections

London Business School has over 75 clubs, bringing students together to share information and passions ranging from industry, social and cultural to bigger regional clubs.


At the beginning of each school year, Club Presidents host Club Kickoff events to showcase their club and start recruitment for new club officers and members.


Being a club officer means, that you will have a responsibility in your club, that goes beyond meeting the club members for social events, as you will be part of the organising committee.


As a Club Leader you have the unique opportunity to run an LBS club, learn more about your management capabilities and improve on a variety of organisational skills while you are studying at LBS.


To learn about the various different clubs and elections, please visit the Campus Groups calendar.


There are different election processes for each club, although they usually require you to pass an interview.


Club President and Treasurer


The Club President and Treasurer are elected by the members of the club every year in April. Usually, the future President and Treasurer have already been heavily involved in the clubs.


Both positions need to be filled and communicated to the SA and student-led initiatives, as well as with the respective club.


Clubs and the SA


The Student Association, along with all other clubs are 100% student run at LBS. All clubs sit inside the SA, which runs as a independent legal entity.


Alongside representing student interests and organising large campus-wide events, the SA is responsible for helping to co-ordinate, promote and assist student clubs.


If you have any questions regarding the running and rules of a club, please contact the SA directly.


Starting a new club


LBS is very proud of its clubs and the enthusiasm of its members. With 75 active clubs, we hope your interests are covered by at least one club in our roster.


If not, there is always the possibility of setting up a new club:


  • Read the comprehensive guide on setting up a new club on the SA website (link below)

  • Get in contact with the sitting Sports and Club Officer, (Philippe Tardif, MBA 2019)


There are a number of ways to secure funding for your club. Once you have appointed your Treasurer, they will be invited to a Treasurer training by the SA.


Here are the most common ways a club secures funding:


Coin vote


The coin vote is an important source of funds for clubs. The vote takes place every year and allows students to have a say in the financial resources clubs receive. Based on the vote, the SA will allocate funding to the various clubs at the start of the new school year. This is how most clubs are funded.

Ticket sales / subscription

Clubs can sell tickets or collect subscription fees to cover event fees or to support club activities

Club sponsorship


Each club can find sponsors and collect money to support their activities. Please note that agreements must be made via the SA and not individual clubs as they are not legal entities. Treasurers must contact the SA treasurer and SA Sponsorship officer.

Read more about Sponsorship.

Small Projects Fund


Reserved for a small number of projects, this is a chance for new clubs or for new ideas to take shape. The SPF allows you to apply for up to £1000 to fund an idea of yours that will leave a positive impact on the LBS community.


For more information on this, please visit the SA pages.


Special Projects Fund


For special projects there are also other funds available that can be agreed by talking to the Student-led Initiatives Team. Examples of such projects might be:


  • Social Impact Projects

  • Competitions

  • Treks with a recruitment element

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