Organisers’ responsibility

Leading an initiative can be incredibly rewarding. You’ll have the chance to:

  • Practice leadership and apply what you learn in the classroom

  • Meet and connect with leaders of business

  • Engage more deeply with the LBS community


Below is a list of responsibilities that we ask you to consider.

Celebrate the LBS vision

We strive to have a profound impact on the way the world does business, and the way business impacts the world (read more here). Our communal spirit helps people achieve their fullest potential.


It’s your job to make sure that this vision is protected and celebrated. To help bring this to life, consistently, please follow our brand guidelines here.


Create memorable learning for your audience and peers

Be clear who your audience is, and consider their needs and desires. This starts from initial planning, all the way to the feedback survey and your thank you note. Engage them, surprise them and challenge them. (Don’t forget any audiences not in the room!)


Keep the whole community in mind

Our broad and inclusive community differentiates us from other top Business Schools. Look beyond your programme. Each cohort will have something different to offer to your initiatives. Connect with part-time students. They are working professionals with fantastic networks and experience. If you are unable to attract part-time students to your initiative, you are also unlikely to be able to attract alumni.


Lead your team

A strong team can make all the difference to a successful initiative. Managing a group of volunteers can be tough, but that also means there’s a lot to learn for you as a leader! Existing ‘Leadership skills’ resources often have relevant information to help you manage difficulties and practice these skills. Let us know if you’d like support in your leadership learning journey.

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