Monitoring + evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation is important for the long term health and success of your club.


Monitoring your organisational process helps your club to stay organised. It also ensures that the next year’s club leaders can build on your legacy, rather than starting from scratch.


Keep a record of:

  • Speakers you have contacted (note if requests have been successful or not and why)

  • Venues and caterers you have contacted

  • Potential sponsors you have contacted

  • Your vision and strategy

  • Things that worked well in the organisation of your team. Can you recommend having a dedicated role to a task?

  • Honest report about your event. Was it successful? Why/why not? How important was this event to your club? Should the next team also do the same event or think about something new?




  • Guest feedback forms - Request your guest feedback form from the Student-led Learning Team. We store them centrally to ensure that your club has uniform data of your events over time.

  • 360 feedback - We also encourage you to have feedback forms for your team, volunteers and your speakers. They will be able to provide you with details of the events that guests don’t notice, and will also be able to comment on the planning phase. Your club can learn from mistakes that way, and make sure that your event improves every year.

  • Leadership feedback - Comments on leadership and management will feed into your team’s personal and professional learning and development.

  • Staff feedback - If you are a Highlight or Flagship event, the Student-led Learning Team will arrange for a feedback and handover meeting to support your club and initiative’s continuity and succession.

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