Engaging the LBS community


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Involving all LBS programmes in your initiative

Our broad and inclusive community differentiates us from other top Business Schools.


Each cohort will have something different to offer to your initiatives. The range of experience, interests and future careers brings benefits to your initiative, your learning and networking opportunities. 

LBS offers nine degree programmes covering early, mid and exec level education. Some of these programmes are part time, or take place globally. That means that students might not always are as connected to the London campus as they would like to be. 

Opening up opportunities for discourse and finding dates that most of the student body can attend, will help your club be more inclusive and popular. 

Top tips on how to include everyone

  • ​Try to include all programmes in your committee. Make it easy for part time students to take part in meetings, and for Early Career students to contribute.

  • Find advocates in other programmes to help promote your initiatives. Contact us if you need help to do this.

  • Plan your most important initiatives so they don’t clash with other programmes’ key dates. Share these at least two weeks before to give part time students (and alumni) time to adjust schedules.

  • Fewer and better communications will make it easier for part-time students and alumni. For example, use a newsletter.

  • Consider allowing some programmes - especially students based in Dubai - to create subgroups to engage with your activities.

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Involving alumni

Think about your goal. Why is it important for you to invite alumni to your initiative?


Is it because they would be helpful during recruitment? Although LBS alumni are keen to help when ever they can; they are not that interested to do this without having established a relationship with you first. 

If you are interested in having an alumni speak at your event, or would like them to take part because you think the topic of discussion is interesting to them, contact us, the SA alumni rep and/or Advancement to help design and communicate enticing initiatives.


Other tips:

  • Focus on the relevance of the event rather the quantity of communication. Part-time students' interest can be a test of the suitability of your event for alumni. They are often also London working professionals but can be easier to contact than alumni.


  • Another solution is to run occasional alumni-focused events. These can be more appealing to alumni than events in which their main role is to help students find jobs.

  • Make sure any event that you want alumni to attend are publicised at least a month in advance and engage the Advancement team (contact us for details).

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