Continuity + succession

Your event doesn’t finish at the cocktail reception!



  • Content is king - How can you use the photos/video footage of the event? Upload it on your website? Make a highlights film for marketing for the following year? Please send these to the Student-led Learning Team, who will help promote this through the school’s social media channels.

  • Press and blog posts - A write up about the event would also help increase the impact and raise your clubs profile, we have several platforms we can use to share this. Speak to Student-led Learning Team for more details.

  • Evaluation report - An evaluation report including feedback from the day, the organising team, speakers, sponsors. This will help in the planning for next year.

  • Databases and templates - Leave your notes, speakers’ database, contacts database and templates for use next year. Upload on to an accessible location (e.g. Dropbox or Campus Groups documents closed section)

  • Handover - Consider looking for successors even before your event takes place. Meet with them afterwards to handover your key learnings and insights.

  • Plan ahead - Book the date and reserve the venue for the next event, even if it is a year in advance! See section Set the date.


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