Internal catering services

Lexington provides the in-house catering service at London Business School. The School Catering General Manager must approve any external caterers. This is to ensure that food safety standards are met. Contact the General Manager.


How to book catering

  • Catering can only be booked once your space is confirmed.  Upon booking, catering will ask for your 6 figure booking reference.

  • Email Catering for a quote. The team will be happy to meet you to discuss options.

  • Place orders 30 days before the event and confirm final catering numbers  5 days before the event. If these timescales are not met it may not be possible to provide catering for your event.



  • LBS has very strict alcohol licencing laws. Non-compliance could mean that LBS can lose its license for all future events. Please take this very seriously, as the local council performs random drop in checks. Any club in breach of policy will have sanctions applied by the SA and disciplinary measures imposed to those in charge!

  • Alcohol must be ordered through Catering at least 2 weeks before the event.

  • To use external providers, permission must be obtained from the Catering Manager.

  • Alcohol may only be served by Catering Staff under the supervision of an approved Personal Licence holder. Sundowners & Wine & Spirits Club are the only exceptions.


External catering services

Depending on the venue you book, you are sometimes able to bring in your own caterers or not.


Make sure you know this before signing a contract and ask for a sample menu to see the costs you need to budget for.


In some cases, it might be possible to negotiate a price with catering included. This is especially true, if you are a returning customer or are buying into a large package deal.


Things to consider:

  • Food allergies and special diets: It is always good to cater for some vegans/ vegetarians. If you are serving meat try to serve halal meats.

  • If you are using independent caterers at the venue you booked, make sure that the caterers see the venue and know what space is  available for service.

  • If you can go for a catering tasting before you book them, do!

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