Brand guidelines + resources

A strong, unified brand will help strengthen the image to the outside world, as well as promote your event. Please refer to the brand guidelines on LBS BrandHub to produce any materials for your event. If you will be producing any material, email it over to the brand mailbox for approval.


It is worth thinking about whether your logo is still fit for purpose. Does it convey your message? Does it look professional enough? Is it memorable? If not, get in contact with the SA’s Club and Sports Officer (Erika Hansen, MBA 2020) and follow the branding guidelines.

Using the LBS brand


All of your promotional materials (internal and external) should use the LBS brand. Please consult the School’s ‘Club and Societies Guidelines – Logo and Lockup’ guide and general editorial style guidelines for full details.


Brand tips


  • London Business School: use London Business School and never ‘LBS’ or ‘the London Business School’.

  • British English: use British English (eg. organise rather than organize).

  • Faculty Titles: please use faculty member’s full titles (including their chair titles where applicable).

  • Logo: please ensure the School’s logo always appears beside your Club logo (see ‘Club and Societies Guidelines – Logo and Lockup’ for advice).

  • Red Thread: do not use the ‘red thread’ design element in your marketing or design materials, as its use is strictly managed by the School’s Marketing & Communications Department (see the School’s ‘Official Brand Guidelines’ for advice).



As a club, you should already have a website on Campus Groups. If the event is external, you may well wish to redirect your page to a more professional looking website.


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Logo boards

The Student-led Learning Team have London Business School logo boards that you can borrow. These are poly board logos. Contact us  to reserve one for your event.


For club branded or sponsor logo boards, please contact The Print Shop.



You may want to put signage up around the School to direct guests to, or promote your event.  Please make sure your signs follow LBS brand guidelines. Once printed, send the signs to the Estates team who will display them for you.


The Print Shop, can help you print these signs.



The School has a branded lectern that can be borrowed for events. You should request this from the porters. Any damage to the lectern will be charged to the user.



If you would like to borrow pull-up stands for your event, please contact the Student-led Learning Team. These showcase London Business School messaging around student-led events.


If you would like to print your own pull-up stands, you can print them via the Print Shop.


Please be mindful about the longevity of your banner. Can you choose copy and design that will allow you to re-use your banner?


An alternative to this is to order a pull up banner where the graphic can be replaced. These come in two size widths: 800mm and 1200mm. The cost of one pull up banner with a 800mm graphic is approximately £168.00 + VAT & delivery charge.


The cost to replace the graphic is £56.00 + VAT & delivery charge.


The turnaround time is around 5 working days.



If you would like to see examples of brochures from other clubs, please contact Student-led Learning Team. Please be aware of the timeline of producing a hard copy brochure. Consider the School’s brand guidelines (available at LBS BrandHub) in the design, as well as:

  • Logos: School, Club, Event, Sponsors

  • Programme for the day

  • Biographies (and photos of speakers)

  • Introduction from the Club Presidents / Chair of the event


Delegate packs

You may wish to print your own delegate pack using the School’s logo (see above for brand usage).  The School also has pens, notepads and folders which can be ordered from The Print Shop.


Name badges

Think about the information you will need on your name badge. Will you differentiate speakers, sponsors, students and external professionals? If using mail merge, ensure you test it in advance of the event to prevent last minute panic!


  • Omit courtesy titles (Mr, Mrs, Ms) but use professional titles (Dr., Mayor, Major).

  • Have extra matching badges at the venue (and the pen or computer that created the originals) to accommodate walk-ins or to correct errors

Name badges and branded inserts can be bought from the Print Shop. You can then merge your attendee details on to a template and print them out.

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