Be a LBS Highlight or Flagship

Each term, we select 10-20 'Highlights' that are excellent examples of student-led initiatives. Highlights showcase the quality of student leadership and peer initiated learning at London Business School.

As a LBS Highlight initiative, you will receive targeted support from the Student-led Learning Team including:

  • On call support and advice with logistics

  • Access to highlight resources e.g speakers tracker

  • Tracking and measuring of club initiatives over time

  • Facilitated reflection and feedback

  • Marketing to LBS Community on multiple channels

  • Initiative flagged to departments across school

  • Opportunity to apply to the Leadership Incubator


Student-led Flagships

Each year, the Student-led Learning Team curate 5-6 events that have shown consistently that they are top tier. Usually, they have been deemed a highlight event for a number of years and their leaders have shown exceptional leadership and organisational skill. These events, receive bespoke support to take their events to the next level.

A Flagship initiative, is a LBS recognised initiative that offers value across the LBS community and beyond. They are world class events that attract a wide audience and are leading events in the industry and London.

Support includes all that is offered to Highlights, as well as:

  • Bespoke support throughout the year

  • Invitation to the Leadership Incubator

  • Opportunity to connect with relevant staff to garner support

  • Opportunity to receive event management consultation

  • Additional training and development opportunities

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